Frequently Asked Questions


What is the goal of the College Training?

To supply college students with a vision, equip them with truth, help them in their experience of life, perfect them in the preaching of the gospel, and develop their character so they can become useful vessels for the building up of the Body of Christ.

Where will the College Training be held?

On the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus (UIUC).

When is the College Training?

July 14-20, 2019.

What is the history of the College Training?

The College Training began in Southern California in the 90s. It then moved to Eugene, OR in the early 2000s. In the mid-2000s, it was moved to Occidental, CA and a second training began on the East Coast in Athens, GA. In 2009 a third was added in Fairborn, OH and was then moved to Champaign, IL in 2012. In 2015 we had our first National College Training with 1800 attendees at UIUC. For the last three years there have been five College Trainings. Last year they were hosted in: Oak Glen Camp in Yucaipa, CA; Olympia, WA; Athens, GA; Camp Penuel, in Kingston, NY and Champaign, IL. This year will be a combined North America College Training at UIUC.

Why was this location chosen?

Because of its central location within the United States and the competitive pricing we received.

What is included in my registration fee?

The college training costs $395 for early registration. The registration fee covers the cost of everything during the week of the training, including:

  • Lodging at the UIUC dorms with bedding and towel
  • Meals at the dining hall
  • Training outlines and ministry excerpts
  • Ministry book

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Who can attend?

  • Newly-graduated high school seniors (17+)
  • All college students or college-age
  • Recently graduated college students
  • Serving ones coming to care for the students

I don't know where I'm going to college in the fall. Should I wait before I apply?

No! Please apply as soon as possible because space is limited. You can enter your college information after you complete your application.

Can I come part-time?

No. Participants are required to attend full-time.

Can I bring a Christian friend?

Absolutely! Bringing a Christian friend would be wonderful as long as he/she is ready for a training like this. We recommend that you fellowship with your local college training serving one about this matter. We also encourage you to help them with the application process. No one can come unless they apply, pay, and are approved.

Will translation be provided?

Because of limited resources translation will only be provided for the Spanish and Portuguese languages. All other trainees are required to be fluent in English, including ministry terms.

How can I prepare for this training?

First of all, pray! The more we open to the Lord in prayer for this time the more He will have the free way to speak to us and work in us during the training. We also recommend the following ministry books by Witness Lee:

  • The Jubilee
  • Men Who Turn the Age
  • A Young Man in God's Plan
  • Fellowship with the Young People
  • Preaching the Gospel on the College Campuses
  • Young People's Training

These books can be purchased from the Living Stream Online Bookstore. You may also be able to find them via (paperback and Kindle); iBooks Store for Apple devices; or Google Play Store for Android devices.

What is the dress code for the training?

Dress according to your spirit and the training requirements. Do not dress in a way that would distract others from the enjoyment of the Spirit. No sleeveless shirts or sleeveless dresses permitted. No shorts, jeans or T-shirts with writing should be worn in the meetings. During the meetings all sisters should wear conservative skirts/dresses of a length that is below the knee, and brothers should wear trousers (jeans are not considered as trousers). Moderate shorts (no more than 3” above the knee), jeans, and T-shirts with writing are permitted only during the activity times. Form fitting exercise pants are permitted during activity time, but must be worn under shorts.

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Please see registration info for information about registration (how to apply, what you need, cancellation policies, etc.).

Health Insurance

Is health insurance required?

Yes. You will need to demonstrate that you have a policy before the application deadline. You can return to your online application and enter the information on the "Medical Info & Emergency Contact Info" form. Your application will not be approved until this information is provided.

What is the deadline for purchasing insurance?

Your proof of insurance coverage must be submitted within two weeks of receiving your conditional approval. Please update your application as soon as you have secured coverage.

How can I get health insurance?

If you do not have insurance already, we recommend that you at least purchase travel insurance that includes medical coverage. You can look around for an option that will best suit your needs. One provider of travel insurance is Faith Ventures, whose plans start at $29. We recommend that you include your travel dates in your insurance plan.

My health provider requires information about the ministry sponsoring the training. What information do I provide?

The College Training will be held on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the church in Urbana is the sponsor of this event. You can provide your health provider the following information:

  • Name of the ministry: The Church in Urbana
  • Phone of the ministry: 217-530-0210
  • Ministry's website:
  • Address with ZIP code of the ministry: 713 W. Ohio St., Urbana, IL 61801

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Can I request hospitality before/after the NACT in Chicago or Champaign?

Because of the volume of attendees we are expecting, unfortunately, if you are not travelling from abroad, hospitality is not available to you. However, if you would like to stay after the training, a convenient option is to book an additional night in the UIUC dorms. For further details, please see the transportation and accomodation page.

What if I want to come early or stay late to sightsee in Chicago?

You’re welcome to visit Chicago, but we would ask you to make your own arrangements through Airbnb or a hotel. Please try not to burden the saints in Chicago as many will be receiving and focusing on international hospitality for this event.

How long is hospitality provided for international travelers?

Please see the transportation and accomodation page under the heading travelers from outside USA and Canada only for this information.

How can I contact you for questions regarding hospitality?

You may email us at

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Food and Lodging (included in registration fee)

Will dinner be provided after checking in on July 14?

Yes! All meals will be provided beginning from Lord's Day evening, July 14, until lunch on Saturday, July 20.

Can I stay an extra night?

Please see the transportation and accomodation page page for information.

What is the last meal included with the basic registration fee?

I have food allergies (gluten, shellfish, peanuts, etc). Will the dining hall have food I can eat?

Yes. Once you have been approved you will receive an email giving you a link to a form to inform the university of any dietary restrictions you may have. This form is sent directly to the university dietitian. The university is very willing and able to accommodate most needs, and they also offer vegetarian dishes at every meal.

Where will we eat?

We will eat in two different university dining halls.

Where will we sleep?

We will sleep in the dormitories at UIUC campus. Most rooms hold two to three people.

What amenities are provided in the dorm rooms?

Each dorm has a bed with sheets and a blanket, towel, pillow and pillow case as well as a desk and chair. There is also a closet, but hangers are not provided. Hand towels are not included.

What are the bathrooms like?

The dorms have common bathrooms on each floor.

Are laundry facilities available?

All the dorms have washers and dryers. Laundry prices are $1.25 for washers, $1 for dryers.

I like to iron my clothing. Are an iron and ironing board provided?

No. Neither are provided. We recommend ironing all your items before you come.

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International Travel

Will I need a visa?

Please check with your appropriate government agency.

What if it turns out that I need a visa?

If this is the case, then yes, you should get one. Securing the necessary travel documents is essential.

In order to get a visa, I am required to show an official letter of invitation addressed to me stating why I will be traveling abroad. Can you please provide me with this?

Yes. Once you have submitted your application with payment and been formally approved to attend, you will receive instructions for this. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible as the visa acquisition process can be lengthy.

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I plan to fly to the North America College Training (NACT). When should I buy my flight?

Book your flights AFTER receiving the approval letter emailed to you by the registration team and reading the transportation details on our transportation and accomodation page.

What is the recommended way of traveling between Chicago airports and UIUC? There will be NACT shuttles available for $20 (round trip or one-way) from O’Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW) airports. Please see our transportation and accomodation page for more details.

If I am flying in early to Chicago should I book a NACT shuttle?

Yes, we recommend you book a NACT shuttle so that your seat is reserved unless you have made your own arrangements. Please see our transportation and accomodation page page for more details.

Does the registration fee also cover my transportation expenses?

No. NACT shuttle will be available for $10 each way. Please see our transportation and accomodation page page for more details.

Will I need to have a vehicle during the college training?

Absolutely not! The college training will be held entirely on the UIUC campus. We will walk to and from the dorms, cafeteria, and meeting rooms.

Bring comfortable walking shoes! The biggest medical problem from the 2015 National College Training were blisters on feet because of shoes not suitable for walking longer distances.

Giving and Support

Can I offer, give, or support the college training in some way?

Absolutely! If you feel to give, please visit

Can I designate my offering to sponser a particular person's registration?

We ask that all support of this kind be administrated locally with the church leadership and college training representatives in your locality or area.

Can I designate my offering in some way?

Our website does not allow for designation. If you would like to fellowship more about this, please feel free to email

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