Late Registration

"Go up to the mountain and bring wood and build the house, and I will take pleasure in it and will be glorified, says Jehovah."
–Haggai 1:8

Wednesday, July 21 - Lord's Day, July 25

  • Wednesday - Friday
          One evening message each day
  • Saturday
          Three sessions throughout the day
  • Lord's Day
          One message in the morning

  • Deadlines and cost:

  • by June 7th – $35
  • Details:
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    Announcing the 2021 National College Training! Praise the Lord for His mercy to keep us through this past year! Although 2020 was certainly filled with challenges, it is also certain that we saw the Lord’s sovereign hand to keep us and further gain us for His economy. We expect His continued blessing to supply us with another timely word in in the 2021 College Training

    This year the College Training will be a hybrid online and in-person training. The schedule is again designed so that those interning, working, or taking summer classes can still fully participate and we hope that many trainees will be able to take the College Training in watch parties as local directives allow. Although much of the College Training will still be online, it is still a training — not a conference — and we expect everyone who registers to commit to attend all of the training sessions and strictly follow all of the guidelines.

    We pray that the Lord would lead you to consecrate your summer to Him!

    PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are not able to accept applicants from outside the United States and Canada. Please contact registration at if you have any questions or need to have further fellowship.