Prayer for the Training

Ways to participate:

  1. -- Receive daily emails with prayer burdens for the training.
  2. Sign up for a 15-minute prayer time slot in the month of June.
  3. Register to come to Champaign for prayer and support during the training.

Our prayer is the unique way for us to cooperate and allow the Lord to move on this earth.

With the Lord's leading and much fellowship and prayer, we will dedicate the month of June to pray for the 2019 North America College Training. We saw the Lord's blessing poured out on our 2015 National College Training and realized afresh that the Lord's blessing on our time together depends so much on our prayer. We hope that each one of us would join together to pray again in 2019.

We will do this by signing up for time slots to pray so that the Lord is supplicated and besought by us for 15 hours a day for the whole month of June.

As a pattern to us, beginning on August 27, 1727 in Herrnhut, Germany, the Moravian brethren started a round-the-clock prayer time. Their prayer for personal revival and God's move continued, uninterrupted, for over 100 years. Brother Witness Lee spoke regarding this unprecedented 100 years of prayer:

"There is a need for saints to pray for the work in the church, the move of the church, and every detail related to the church. The condition of God's house and of the brothers and sisters is borne upon the shoulders of praying saints. They uphold the Lord's work and His spread, and they bring in His kingdom with prayer. Their prayers should be strong to touch God's throne, shake the authority of darkness, bind what God has bound, and loose what God has loosed (Matt. 16:18-19). There are many aspects of service, but the service of prayer is urgently needed in all the churches.

The Moravian revival that occurred over two hundred years ago is an example. The Moravian brethren set up a prayer watch around the clock every day. When one group of people finished praying, another group continued. Every day from morning to evening, groups were praying unceasingly. It is no wonder that the Moravian Brethren sent more missionaries abroad in three decades than all the missions combined in the prior two centuries. I believe that this was the issue of long-term, watchful prayer. According to their statistics, one person was sent abroad to preach for every fifty-eight believers who remained at home, and for every person who believed in the Lord at home, two people believed into the Lord abroad... If a group of saints would devotedly pray for the preaching and the spread of the gospel, God would manifest His power and glory among us." (Serving According to Revelation, pg. 15-16)

May this pattern inspire us and the Lord supply us to pray this June.